This is the home page of the Macromolecular Crystallography Facility in the Dept. of Molecular Biology at Princeton University. This page was created by and is managed by the Crystallography Facility Manager - Phil Jeffrey - to assist in the nuts and bolts of working on crystal structures. In contrast to the Molbio Crystallography Facility Home Page this page is not an official Molbio or Princeton product. It contains a lot of utilitarian data intended for use by crystallographers during structure determination. Use at your own risk. Nevertheless the content here is provided in the hope that some of it will be useful. Copyright is maintained by the original authors - there are many links to outside sources of information within these pages. Comments to the Facility Manager: Phil Jeffrey, 8-3978, Schultz 219 or preferably via EMAIL.

Caveat: there is still a lot of inconsistency about the look-and-feel of these pages. It's a choice between adding content or spending a month hacking HTML and CSS. The content tends to win because I'm not at heart a graphic designer. I am, however, working on it. Slowly.


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Crystallography/Lab Methods, Tuturials and Guides

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Macromolecular Software Home Pages

This list curated August 2010.


Bioinformatics Software and Database Search Sites


Structural Genomics

Greg Petsko's "An idea whose time has gone" is a rather interesting alternative viewpoint on this subject.

Programming Tutorials (C-shell, C, Fortran etc)

Or search Google for more.


Some of them we use, some of them we do not. Inclusion in this list doesn't mean that we recommend them, just that we are aware of them. There's a fair amount of overlap: mutliple vendors offer Mitegen mounts and Spearlab foam dewars, for example.

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